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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life is funny

I thought I'd share a few cute pics of my daughter Lili and her cousin Chris,Lili and I on Mother's Day, and a few snaps Jacob took of Lili This week.
What a funny way to start off the day. Now that I'm writing about it I'm smiling.

*Look for a banana to put in my cereal, really stoked for some reason. Nothing in the fruit basket. Bummer. Oh well. Oh!Dried cranberries in my cereal!Yes!
*Open packet and out fall about 6 scrawny pieces of cranberries.
*Burn 1st piece of toast, when it's on one of the lowest settings...annoying
*Make another piece and put on the perfect amount of butter and strawberry jam
*pour bowl of cereal
* Sit down at computer and start reading something, while chowing down.
*2nd bite of toast, went to set it down ( while still reading) totally miss the desk and half of it falls on Jacob's favorite white t-shirt, the other half on the floor. For a brief second I contemplate eating it. Then I take a closer look at the floor. Bad news dirty.
*Run to rinse off the jam and start the 3rd piece of toast. SO I decide to stand there and eat my cereal. (One of my biggest petpeeves is soggy room temperature cereal. (I know...not that big of a deal, but the only cereal that should be soft is hot cereals.... like oatmeal.)
* Open the washer to put in the shirt with oxyclean and start a load of laundry, of course there is wet laundry in there....
*Open the dryer to throw it in, and there is a load of dry laundry in there.
*Finalllllly locate the dang laundry basket.
* Throw away the jar of jam because it's empty.
*Jacob comes home and wants a Pb&j... OOps no more jelly.
* Baby cries...Help her fall back to sleep.
* Sit down to bowl of cereal, and of course it's soggy. But I manage to swallow it.
What a morning!Haha. Life is funny.