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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1950s & 60s

Vintage Ray Bans! & other funky frames and sunglasses

So we got in a crap-load of deadstock Vintage Ray Bans. By deadstock I mean, never even put together! Our whole backstock room was a Ray Ban factory for about a week. We have the original, very sought after, ICONIC Wayfarers, Oh so hawt Aviators, CATS, Rare GATSBY, Innerviews,2- tone colored, 18k gold plated, Tortoise, along with other Vintage sunglasses and frames.
Ray Bans range from about $45- $175.
Prices depend on style and condition.
Love the look of Wayfarers, but the price is too much for your pocket book??? Get some look-alikes for a mere $9.50 !