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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to wear Men's wear and not look frumpy

In the first look (pics 1-3) is a men's hat,and men's leather vest.
Check out the super hawt "nerd" glasses. These were all over the Paris/ Milan Spring/ summer 2011 Runway.

To take accentuate the men's wear and make it feel feminine, we paired the men's wear with a high waist skirt, and super cute faux snake high heel booties.

Pic #4: Sadie & Shelby
Sadie is wearing a cute men's hat, and 80's puff sleeve top, layered 2 chunky metallic necklaces, 1980's high waist cut off denim shorts, skinny 80's leather belt, 70's leather bag, 70's cowboy boots!
Shelby- Men's straw hat, Men's vest 1970's butterfly sleeve sweater alyered over a basic cotton tunic with skinny jeans and very ruggid looking early 90's boots.

Pic #5 Sadie in a cute 70's straw hat, men's 70s baby blue and coral striped shirt. To give it a cute girly fell roll the sleeves until it hits about where your tight fitting shirts hit on your arm. Loads of burnished metal and wood bangles, high waist 70's denim bell bottoms, a gold disk metal belt, 70's platform sandals.

Don't be afraid of men's wear, just remember to add feminine touches!
If you want guidance on how to wear Vintage, please come into the store for further assistance! Ask for Shelby!

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