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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Secretary/ Rockabilly look

1970s poly dress, 1950s bead multi-strand bead necklace, 80s woven belt, 1950s accordian slip, 1980s pumps

Re-constructed 70s dress

I started with this plain jane dress:

Ended with this!!!!

1970s Eel skin belt

Salvaged 60s buttons and remnant fabric.
70s wooden pendant on antiqued chain

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

80s rocker

Reconstructed Guns n' Roses Tee (not Vintage but it looks frigg'n awesome)
1980s zebra stirrup pants
80s metallic multi-strand chain belt
Retro 80s style sunglasses(not vintage but sure are cute)
80s boots
(Non Vintage)but super cute heels I had in my closet.


This dress would have been so boring without the accessories!
Men's 1960s fedora hat, wide 80s belt, loads of bracelets, and killer pixie boots.