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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now for an introduction....

Shelby Guevara

Born in 1987

I'm a wife, and a mother of a 5 1/2 month old

My husband Jacob and I own a Vintage clothing Shop in San Antonio, Tx called R.G. Vintage (Redemption Garb Vintage)

We have so much fun, that I wanted to share.

Sometimes the wierdest things happen to me, and I think to myself, Man...... someone should make a reality show out of my life. I also will be sharing Vintage fashion photos and tips, as well as sweet music. I also would love to share my awesome finds while I'm out hunting around for merch for the shop and things for my apartment.

Now an explination for the Blog name:

(Taken from i love them! FYI some of their content is nasty)

1. Kitschy

so tacky or lame that it has a certain ironic appeal.

lava lamps and trucker hats are very kitschy

2. Kitsch

as an art movement, lifestyle, or literature and film genre ,kitsch is pleasingly distasteful.It's melodramatic, overdone ,gaudy and tacky, or sentimental and folksy. It's so bad that its cool. Your cat might attack it, but it's hot. And NO, Martha Stewart and Jerry Springer are NOT bad enough to be kitsch. At all. Paris and Nicole though....

"You're looking rather Kitsch today, your Grandma's necklace is HOT."

Kitsch to me is....

...the 1950's avacado green dress that whispers, "let's go on a picnic"
The Wild '80s sequin dress that sings, " martini time!"
It's the 1970's boho tooled leather bag you wear to garage sales.
The colorful stack of old suitcases concealing your dvds.
It's the gigantic obnoxious 1980s necklace that you get compliments on every time you wear it.
The heirloom necklace your mom gave to you that was her grandmothers.

Kitsch is my store, my life.
The "bang bang" part comes from the gunshot type impression you make on people when you walk into a room, because you are loud with your self expression and awesome taste for fashion.
The "bang bang" also comes from the 1968 movie, Chitty Chitty bang bang, but I suppose you already cought that....

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